It’s about our Uncle Buck…

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“Everyone has an Uncle Chuck,” explained Marci.  “He is kind of like an Uncle Buck.”
If you are older, it might be like an Uncle Charley O’Casey as in William Demarest of “My Three Sons.”  Uncle Charley was a retired sailor who lived in the Douglas household with Robbie, Chip and Mike Douglas and their dad Steven. If you are younger, it might be like Jonah in the movie “The Sitter.”  Sarah would be more like 9 year old Blithe, destined to be a Drew Barrymore or Lindsay Lohan or maybe even a Martha Stewart.  I’ll explain the latter one later. 
My friend Marci has an Uncle Chuck.  He is retired from Boeing.  As she explained to me, “You know, the relative that isn’t really related but you think of like your favorite and most dear relative.  That is our Uncle Chuck.  He has always been a part of our family.  He’s been on all of our vacations, all of our holidays, our family events.”
My daughter Jeni has an Aunt Cathy.  But after nearly thirty years, Aunt Cathy still looks like she is way younger than me.  Okay, everyone looks like they are way younger than me.  I mean after thirty years, she is hot.  In fact, she is even hotter as a Grandma than she was in her teens.  But let me stay on topic.  She didn’t go on any of our vacations, our holidays or any of our family events.  They are very close though.  I think that is great for Jeni, but that doesn’t meet the criteria. 
The person must be there with the entire family, not just a kid. Our 11 year old daughter Sarah seems to have dozen of aunts and uncles.  Every time we go somewhere together, we run into one of them.  I don’t think of most of them as one of our favorite and most dear relatives.  Heck, I don’t even know them!
“Sarah, how have you been!”  She runs up to them and gives them a big hug.  They will stand there and she will run down the list of questions she has quickly come up with at that very moment.  “How are your kids?  How is the dog?  Did you end up remodeling your kitchen?  Did you try that new recipe that we discussed when I last saw you?  The one you were wondering whether or not you should add ginger to it.  Remember?” 
By this time in the conversation, my head is still spinning trying to figure out where she could have possibly met this person. I sat down with Sarah and made a long list of folks who Sarah considers uncles.  I figured I would stay away from aunts because that can only get me in more trouble than I already am. 
Did I really say she was hot?  Oy vey!
Let me tell you, the list of uncles is quite a long, long list.  Even though it is someone who is not a blood relative, it is an extremely long list.  After much contemplation, we came up with two – that is correct – two uncles. Of course, Tim and Vitaly most definitely fit Marci’s description.  However, Vitaly is a little suspect because he is Russian.  And he is very handsome.  So he could be a blood relative. Every Thanksgiving and Holiday Season, Tim and Vitaly are there.  Every birthday, Tim and Vitaly are there.  They even come to Sarah’s dance and voice recitals.  In fact, we have relatives who are jealous of Tim and Vitaly because they are “there” so much.  If anything bad should ever happen to either of them, we all would be devastated and when good things happen, we bask in the rays of joy with them.  We love them dearly.  They are family.  I think they meet Marci’s criteria. Whew! 
Finally, I now know who our Uncle Chuck is.  If every family has an Uncle Chuck, than I need to know who that person is, right?  I don’t want to be the only family who doesn’t have one.  We have Mothers Day and Fathers Day.  We have Grandparents Day.  We even have holidays for people we have never met and are dead.  We need an Uncle Chuck Day.  I know I do.  It should be a day that parents can drop off the kids at Uncle Chucks and go and do something all day and night.  Maybe it should be an Uncle Chuck Week?
But it’s not about me.
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