It’s about feeding our nation’s poor…

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I read a poster the other day that said that “there is more food in a rich man’s shampoo than there is on a poor child’s plate.” Wow. These are some profound words that really hit home. I don’t have any hair so shampoo isn’t something I can relate to, I thought. Well, and than there is the “rich man’s” part of that equation. I have no money.

I get the idea though. In fact, in America, 40% of all the food we produce goes in the trash. It doesn’t even go in the gas pump. It gets thrown away. Now that is shocking! When I was in the Navy, I heard a speech by President Jimmy Carter. In the speech, he made the statement that “Waste and Inefficiency never fed a hungry child.”

I think what he meant was that the money our government wastes each year could be used to feed the children and families who go hungry every year. Of course, those were the good old days when most Republicans and Democrats could get along, like Senators Dole and McGovern, and sponsor bills that benefitted the farmer and the poor and create the food stamp program.

Now it is so much more divisive and only a handful of folks in each party get along and get things accomplished that benefit the have’s and the have not’s alike. I think we have all experienced hunger. But not to the extreme of not knowing where your next meal was going to come from.

I’ve experienced some of it when I was homeless in my teens. It was nothing like most children and families do who live in poverty these days in America and around the globe. And I’m only focusing on hunger here. Combine the feeling of panic over where your next meal for you or your child with the needs of housing, health and safety.

Yet 40% of all the food produced in America goes to waste.   I know I’ve already written this down, but it is worth repeating over and over again. I have to say that it adversely affected me when I first heard the words of President Carter. I thought that in the wealthiest country in the world, that we waste so much food. I travelled the world and I saw children eating food scraps out of a truck with waste in the Southeast Asia. I went to places both here and abroad and saw people starving.

I immediately started eating everything in my plate. When I had children, I ate everything that was left over in theirs. I ate more calories than I could burn and eventually I grew quite obese.

But then, It’s not about me…





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