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Cheering for the New England Patriots again?  Are you a big fan of the Boston Celtics?  Don’t you just love the Red Sox?  Well, I’m not, I’m not, and I don’t.  But maybe it’s because I am not from the area or maybe it’s because I’m ” a Bum!”

“Get outta heyah you bum!!!” they’d say in a local tavern or from the bleachers.

One thing they’d almost never do at a sporting event is to say they wished me hurt or dead because of who I was cheering for at a game. Not so true in politics these days.  And in some cases, in our modern day culture, hate speech has begun to spring up in our homes, our schools, at local sporting events and at sporting events on the screen.  Now people voice their rage with hate speak about my political beliefs or who or what I supported on the ballot in all of these places.   OMG, it has even made its way into our churches, our synagogues and in our mosques.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Cubs Fan.  We have been very patient.  We waited how many years before we won the World Series?  For me, it was my entire life.  But we didn’t go hating anybody because we couldn’t get our ring.  Okay, some of us hated Steve Bartmann.  But we got over it in one winter and we were back at it when Spring Training came around.  Steve who?

If we were struggling in the standings we changed Skippers.  From Joey Amalfitano to Dusty Baker to Ryne Sandberg to Lou Pinella, when we weren’t winning, we would change managers.  When we struggle in this country, we change our leadership too.  Instead of playing nine innings, Congress and the President campaign every two, four or six years and if we aren’t happy with the job they are doing, we replace them.  There is a democratic process and we all play by the same rules.

I’ve asked my friends what they thought and some of them told me it’s because people consider political issues to be extremely personal.  Some of my friends told me that my comparing sports to politics is extremely shallow.  It is a metaphor with no home in America.  “Politics is serious business and sports is not!!” they say in almost a feverish pitch.

I think some of my friends need to push the “reset” button.  You know, it’s not the enthusiasm or intensity in their belief system that I take exception too.  It’s the character assassination they carry with them when they choose to wade in to the political waters that worries me every time somebody disagrees with them.  I believe this is what makes politics personal.

But then, it’s not about me, is it?






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