It’s about Steve Bannon and Friends

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I walked through my neighborhood last Sunday and noticed that some of my neighbors had disappeared. Maybe The Rapture predicted to happen last Saturday did happen! But if all the people “who believe were raised up, and all who doubt were left behind,” than why are my friends, children and grandchildren still here? I understand why I’m still here.

Where do you get your news about what is going on in the world?  In case you missed it, we have moved into a new era of news media. For many of us, our sources for news has moved from a few media outlets where journalists reported the news to talking heads, producers, public relation firms and consultants who become the news.  And for others, who are younger, we get it from social media outlets like Snapchat, Facebook, and a whole host of others too numerous to list here.

Yes, that is correct. In all three era’s, the news has been and continues to be prepared before presented to the public whenever possible. However, the difference between the three eras is the manipulation of the news and the motivations behind manipulating it. No longer is influence peddling a commodity for just the rich and famous.  Anybody can do it.

And, of course, there is the fake news and the alternative facts.  There is more fake news and alternative facts than ever these days.  More people are falling prey to character assassinations by other individuals or news organizations protected by freedom of the press and speech than ever before.  Not that some of these people don’t deserve it.  Before, there was a level of responsibility, accountability and even best practices that went along with most of the reporting.  Now, with the playing field much more level and with greater access for the populous comes no censorship, no editors, no fact checking at all.  So which is better?

Frankly, if we could eliminate all of the bullshit that comes with it, I prefer what is happening now over the past.  Even with the Steve Bannon’s of the world out there delivering the fake news and alternative facts, it is far better that we, as a free society, are able to know what is going on in the world in real time without censorship.

“Fuck Censorship!”

Remember when that phrase was shocking to hear or see in print?

 So maybe The Rapture didn’t happen last Saturday after all.  And maybe I shouldn’t believe everything I read or hear on social media.  And maybe I will have to pay back all of the money I charged on my credit cards last week just before “it” didn’t happen.  But then, it’s not about me.












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