The Prince William County Board of County Supervisors, Part 1

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Okay, it’s true.  I did ask our 19 year old daughter Sarah and her friends to get into our chlorinated hot tub before they came into our house.  Yes, it was to kill the COVID 19 virus.  Yes, I asked them to gargle too.  It’s not like I asked them to drink chlorine straight out of the bottle.  Hi.  My name is Jamie Beletz, it’s not about me…

Our President says that chlorine, bleach, disinfectant….pick your preference, these are  sure fire way to kill the virus!” he says.  

Speaking about our own Jefferson Davis, President “bone spurs” is the leader of the Confederate Party Nationally!  That is unless you include Vladimir Putin.  Again, he is threatening the security of our nation by threatening the defense authorization bill if Congress removes the names of Confederate soldiers from military bases, soldiers who took up arms against America, soldiers who fought for the right to enslave people, soldiers who fought for the right to be racist and bigots.  

So who is the leader of the Confederate Party in Prince William County?  Hands down it has got to be Brentsville County Supervisor Jeanine Lawson.  The good news is that after 150 years, the Klu Klux Klan has made great gains in gender equality and racism!  Congratulations Jeanine on becoming the leader of a traditionally all male organization.  And ditto to County Supervisor Yesli Vega who becomes the first openly racist Latino American female to be welcomed into the KKK.  Bravo! Brava!  I don’t want to be sexist.

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