The Prince William County Board of County Supervisors, Part II

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When five democrats were elected to the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors, democrats thought they were going to see a “New Normal”, not the normal reminiscent of the days of Confederate, Alt Right and Anti-Semitic Corey Stewart.  A “New Normal” free of administrators who support conversion therapy or the policies of the Alt Right, Anti-Semitic and Anti-Immigration who were hired by former County Chairman Corey Stewart. 

Hello, this is Jamie Beletz, It’s not about me. 

We learned from President “bone spurs” Donald Trump that passing legislation isn’t enough, but it is whether or not that legislation is implemented.  It isn’t enough to budget dollars to those in need, but whether or not those same dollars get to those in need in time to help them.  Even on the defense side, Trump managed to divert billions of dollars meant to support our troops and instead used them to build his wall.  

We know that if enough people fail to take action, Donald Trump will keep doing things just like he is doing – both now and for four more years.  If good people fail to take action on the Prince William County Board of County Supervisors, the Confederate administrators appointed by Corey Stewart will keep their jobs and nothing will change.

Confederate flags, Confederate high school names and Confederate monuments are not the only things in Prince William County that need to be removed.  So do the Confederates at the top of the food chain we call County Administration.

Hello, this is Jamie Beletz, it’s not about me and I will see you next time.

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