Like being in a James Bond movie

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I am participating in a project I think you will be interested in.  I am collecting the names of all of the neo-fascists, the alt righters, the KKK members and the Nazi’s in Prince William County.  I want to thank all of those who provided me with their names last week by writing into my podcast and making such disparaging and dehumanizing comments about me and people of color and allies of the BLM movement-just like Mr. Knight from Prince William County’s Coles District did at the beginning of last week’s podcast. You remember, pointing his finger at the young lady, he said “I hope your family gets shot!”  

I’m Jamie Beletz, it’s not about me.

We rename places and things all the time – Opal Fruits became Starburst, Adam’s Chunk Stuffers became Nestle’s Hot Pockets and Dannon Yogurt is now Activia.          

That is why I think it’s odd that people object to renaming our military bases from the names of Confederate soldiers – traitors to this country – to the names of people we can all be proud of.  How about Fort Colin Powell, Christa McCauliffe Air Force Base or the USS John Glenn. Can these people have a problem with that?

It seems strange to me that many of these same people that cling to one of the ugliest parts of our nation’s history claim the moral high ground when it comes to the pandemic.  As if morals – not science – should have anything to do with it.  The anti-maskers claim that “We have the constitutional right to wear or not wear a mask anywhere we choose.”  Will you give that same “right to choose” to a woman over her own body?  Heck No!

Speaking of choices, the dehumanizing language and tactics directed against women and people of color at the hands of right wing and violent racists continues in this country.  Not every cop is a killer and not every African American male is a thug.  But every young African American male is nine times more likely to be arrested because they are profiled and our country has deployed federal militarized law enforcement squads using excessive force, tear gassing mayors and kidnapping civilians off the street and pulling them into unmarked vans.  This is still America, right? It’s like being in a James Bond movie!

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