Jamie Beletz, It’s not about me…

Jamie Beletz recently embarked on several new projects.   The first is this podcast and blog called Jamie Beletz, It’s not about me…  The second is a business with his daughter Sarah.  She has started a business called Melodywurkz in Prince William County, Virginia.  At Melodywurkz, she is building a home studio, songwriting and producing music of her own and helping other up and coming artists with autism as well.  The last one is Unity March Against Hate (UMAH).  
Up until recently, Beletz worked at Veteran Owned Services (VOS), a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business (SDVOSB), with locations both in the Washington DC Metro Area and the Puget Sound Region. VOS is a social enterprise and is managed by a group of veterans who hire veterans and help them transition to civilian employment. VOS works with private, public and non-profit organizations assisting them with their mission and achieving results.
Prior to being the CEO at Veteran Owned Services, Beletz was responsible for raising more than $100 million dollars for capital and operational expenditures. He has a wide range of successful fundraising efforts. Among his most prized accomplishments was raising $3.5 million for the William M. Factory Small Business Incubator in Pierce County, Washington (which won the Small Business Incubator Award of the National Business Incubator Association) and passage of the Small Business Incubator Act of 2004 in Washington State.
Jamie Beletz is a recognized figure in local and national politics in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and public policy and administration. He was an honorary chair of the Business Advisory Council to the Bush White House in 2001-2003. His business expertise was equally valued and solicited by the Clinton Administration. Mr. Beletz served on the Clinton created White House Conference on Small Business from 1994-1998.
Jamie Beletz has 36 years of experience in government relations and public affairs including 5 years as an executive director of an international trade association, 6 years as a president of a non profit organization and executive director of a foundation which provided assistance to at risk children and their families, 10 years of experience as a program manager and 18 years as a business, fundraising and public affairs consultant. Beletz has enjoyed relationships with key members of the White House, Congress, state governors and legislators, mayors and county and city elected officials.  They have sought his advice on an array of legislative issues and his expertise on political campaigns. Mr. Beletz has enjoyed enormous success in legislative affairs, general consulting and fundraising.
Beletz served in the U.S. Navy with tours in SE Asia and the Indian Ocean until it came to an abrupt end with Beletz becoming disabled. Thirty-five years later, Beletz was recruited by the US Government and NATO Command for his expertise and he eagerly deployed into Afghanistan on behalf of his country, serving as a program manager and contract specialist for the US Army, Department of Defense.  Jamie had oversight over three of the five largest contracts in the austere environment, managing performance and controlling schedules and costs to provide on time deliverables within budget.  For his efforts, he received three civilian medals: from the Secretary of Defense; the Secretary of the Army; and the NATO Command.  As one Colonel of the US Marine Corps put it, “This man’s integrity and desire to make the world a better place has served us well.  His sensitivity toward the people of Afghanistan made it possible to accomplish critical objectives that many could not handle.”
During a five year stint as a program manager at Innovations in Quality, LLC, a Washington based firm, Beletz’s project management and project evaluation skills included his ability to assess and manage project risk and to apply quality management measures to project designs, reviews and assessments.  Corporations like Microsoft, Starbucks, Labinal and Meridian Yachts have recognized his skill sets and hired him during his tenure there.
From 2000 to 2006, Beletz was President & CEO of Innovial, Inc., a public affairs and business management firm headquartered in NW Washington. The national firm provided its customers with expertise in advertising/creative services, fund development, business development, public affairs & government advocacy.
More than anything in the world, Jamie Beletz loves his family.  He and his wife Melody Curtiss have six children and 17 grandchildren.  He loves rollercoasters too.  Together, they have been on a rollercoaster ride for most of their adult lives – first as friends and than as husband and wife.  They were celebrities on a radio show for several years together called “He Said, She Said.”  It was called that because she always gets the last word. Word.